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Neologix Software Solutions provides the MS SQL database development services and integration that will satisfy your business database requirements. MS SQL is Microsoft's flag ship product as far as databases are concerned. MS SQL offers security, strength, record locking, roll backs and much more that are sought after in an enterprise database.

MS SQL has built in relationships, security, and automatic indexing, and allows the coding to be written directly into the database as stored procedures. Stored procedures can be triggered by a front end like MS Access or Visual basic, or from web applications, and provides users with speed and consistency. MS SQL also has an automatic backup routine that creates a backup in the background without any loss of speed while people are working.

Neologix has the expertise to develop a new database, enhance existing ones, migrate data from an existing database to MS SQL server, optimize MS SQL database performance, and integrate multiple databases to provide consolidated business operations.

Neologix team of MS SQL server developers have extensive experience designing, developing, and implementing database solutions for organizations of all sizes. We are committed to providing quality, innovative consulting designed to your exact requirements to allow your organization to operate more efficiently and competitively.

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