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Oracle Firmware

Oracle Firmware

Neologix Software Solution readily interfaces with Oracle's Firmware to provide you with seamless and easy operations. Being embedded on a hardware device, Oracle's firmware gains direct control (for reset, initialization and configuration) over the device, above the operating system's boot function. In fact it is the firmware which actually boots the OS, and it is usually contained in some sort of Flash PROM on a system board.

Unlike an OS (be it Oracle Solaris Operating System, Linux, or Microsoft Windows), which is designed to run on lots of different configurations of hardware and occupies a lot of room (10's or 100's of megabytes) on the disk, Oracle's firmware is usually space-constrained to a few megabytes (sometimes less than that), so it usually contains only the code needed for that specific hardware configuration. That is why each Sun Server gets its own separate release of firmware. Firmware specific to one type of server system will usually not function on a different server system.

Oracle constantly updates and enhances its firmware periodically for better reliability, performance, security and additional compatibility. Neologix makes sure that we are on top of these updates so that we can provide our customers with the suitable interfacing.

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