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Here we capture the experiences, domain knowledge, and industry expertise of our project management and consulting team, who have been in direct contact with the customers, understanding the pulse of the market knowing the challenges, limitations of technology, issues faced, and the needs of the market. We take an effort to capture the knowledge of our team in understanding the market and suggesting the apt solutions for the customers.

Mobile event app and brochure iPad app for ADNEC XL workshop, Abu Dhabi

ADNEC XL iPad app is designed to offer its clients and users information about upcoming meeting with the officials for the events, program itinerary, workshop information, and participating venues.

First-of-its kind catalogue mobile app for electronics giant.

Neologix designed and developed a first-of-its kind electronics catalogue mobile app for Geepas, which is one of the world's leading electronic brands that enables customers & dealers get instant access to the company's extensive range of more than 1500 products across varied categories.

Innovative online test and poll app for companies & educational institutes

GoApp is an online tests app which gives users real time experience of exams with questions and time allocation through which educational institutes, companies and other organizations can conduct examinations with ease.

Cab-hailing app aimed at users with & without internet access for African cities

Hello Cabs connects the modern day cab customer to the modern day cab driver in African cities. It also offers cab-hailing experience for customers without a smartphone or limited data connectivity with a Customer Care App for agents.

Gaming website for developers to upload games & discount coupon - advertisement display for vendors.

The Oomfr application is a gaming platform developed by Neologix, which allows game developers to upload their games, vendors to upload coupons, and advertisers to display in-game advertisements. Customers can play games and obtain deals and offers from their favorite vendors.

Redha Al Ansari exchange gets itself a Vibrant new Website from Neologix

Redha Al Ansari Exchange required Neologix to create a responsive, and user-friendly website. They needed to have an integrated web-based platform that brings together information, processes, products, and people across organizations. The system required to portray an integrated platform to showcase all products of the exchange.

Sharjah Airport Employee Mobile App – Employee Portal (SIA )

This project aims at developing a mobile app for Sharjah International Airport on Android Phone and iPhone platforms. This project is developing as hybrid mobile app using PhoneGap for Android and iPhone platforms. This mobile app will support portrait mode and not supporting landscape mode view for using the better look and feel. This app has Splash Screen, Login Screen, View Profile Screen, Edit Profile Screen, Forgot Password Screen, Activate Account Screen, Reset Password Screen, Time Attendance screen, Request Screen, Permission Screen, Notifications Screen, Announcements screen, Employee Directory Screen, Anniversary Screen, IBTIKARI form, Memo and Circulars Screen, Civil Service Laws and Monthly duty roster for staff

Sharjah electricity and water authority - citizens services on mob phones

Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA) needed to have an integrated platform that can put together a limited, but an important set of their services into mobile devices in a responsive, and user-friendly manner. Neologix created a highly integrated mobile website for SEWA with its UI and UX designed to match the theme of existing SEWA Mobile Apps, to enable SEWA to showcase a consistent outlook across their service platforms, to enquire for details or billing for their electricity, water, gas, or e-Services.

FMC gets a new Vibrant Website from Neologix

FMC required to have a website that enables it to provide information about the hospital including the latest news and events, photo gallery and videos, and other details that positions.its most accurately amongst its customers and the healthcare sector at large. FMC required to manage its website, the front-end module through a customized back end administrative module that provides it flexibility to update information any time required without needing further development effort.

MGMT Adorns a Post-modern Outlook with Neologix's Cloud-based Order Management Solution

MGMT wanted to embrace the benefits of the digital communication media by adopting a cloud based Internet and mobile-based solution. MGMT aimed to adapt the solution for its chain of restaurants as and when it evolves and grows.Neologix designed the application to be available online with a simple internet connection and tablet eliminating the customer's need to line up a queue of resources and ending management hassles for printing and updating menu, and checking on building more accurate order management and interpretation from customer to waiter to kitchen.

Sharjah eGovernment steps-up to technology with Neologix's Google Glass based Event Management Solution

Sharjah e-Government Department reached out to Neologix for developing a sophisticated, comprehensive system which uses Google Glass as the user interface for managing and coordinating GITEX activities of Sharjah Government. GITEX is an annual consumer computer and electronics trade show, exhibition and conference which take place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The GITEX Shopper & Consumer Electronics Expo attracts ICT retailers and suppliers with top companies. The consumer participants include IT professionals, technology enthusiasts, students and consumers as well as regional traders.

Rejuvenated Experience for Public with the new Sharjah.ae portal developed by Neologix

Sharjah e-Government wanted to have a multilingual, user-friendly, and responsive portal that can provide complete information about Sharjah Emirate for the public. Neologix created an integrated portal for Sharjah to showcase information about the Emirate. The platform was designed to create a responsive, and user-friendly website with easy navigation and accessibility on all mobile device be it iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Android or Windows platform.

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