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Integrated Workplace Management Solution

Integrated work place management

Integrated Workplace Management Solution is becoming significant day by day for every organization. Be it employee’s attendance, leave details, or personnel details an integrated workplace management system on the company’s intranet makes things easier. This convenience automatically translates into higher productivity

Why Integrated Workplace Management System is required?

A smart workplace management system keeps a close eye on the productivity of the staff and also helps generate regular memos and reports. We, at Neologix can help you to activate a smart management system that can be easily integrated into your already running management system and can use your existing company directory

Features of Neologix Integrated Workplace Management Solution

Being on par with existing tools of workplace management, integrated workplace management solution offered through Neologix is appreciated for its efficiency and time saving qualities

  • The responsive solution can be easily integrated into employees’ mobiles
  • Gives complete admin rights to selected people in the company
  • Employees can login to the system and submit their requests regarding process, work related questions or simply HR requests
  • Managers can keep an eye on the work flow and approve or reject employee’s request
  • Managing complete company employee calendar including number of employees with their professional record
  • This system can show important announcements, upcoming seminars, webinars and events in the company
  • Departments inside the company can better manage themselves through integrated KPIs
  • Various reports can be generated through intranet based on employee attendance, salary, number of hours worked and productivity
  • It can be customized for any number of users and departments

Why We Manage Work Better?

At Neologix, we have all what it takes to become best workplace managers. To get a closer look at our integrated workplace management system, please get in touch with us, and we will be happy to help you boost efficiencies in quicker time with your very own personalized workplace management system

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