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eMenu System | Restaurant eMenu

eMenu System

Neologix Software Solutions provides you with Restaurant emenu system that makes the menus of the restaurants to be available on the tablet, phone or through a website. This provides the end-customer with the ability to browse for gaining access to the menu. The clear advantage in providing such an emenu system is the flexibility to make changes, make chef's special, featured delicacies, and combo options available easily, and make it attractive with the pictures of the food items. This in turn can be made available on tabs on individual tables capturing the user's interest with details including the picture, ingredients and calorie values, enabling easy order placing by the click of a button, without even having a system of a waiter.

Administer & Customize your menu with our Restaurant eMenu System

Business needs addressed:

  • Flexible digital emenu system available on any electronic device - mobile, laptop, tablet
  • Enable changing of menu - adding of pictures, prices, displaying of combo, best sellers, and special options
  • Allow the user to place orders - which seamlessly reflects to kitchen and waiter/delivery boy

Restaurant eMenu System : Features and benefits

  • Flexible and up-to-date: Enable the restaurant to have an up-to-date menu with the current prices and specialities
  • Save resource cost: Enable the restaurant to concentrate resources for cooking, cleansing and delivering, rather than taking orders. Also considerable cost on printing
  • Customer loyalty: Enabling the customer to login and see their previous orders, and recognizing them brings more loyalty
  • Accurate ordering: Faster, accurate, ordering by enabling the customer to select the product against its picture. Orders will now be placed directly by customers and will simultaneously be displayed in the kitchen, making the process foolproof
  • Avoid unexpected customer behaviour: Throw away your fears by providing the interactive menu with pictures and list of ingredients with nutrition value, to enable the customers to know what they should expect from a particular item, avoiding any harmful surprises
  • Faster market response: Makes the business more agile by responding quickly to the customer and market needs with adequate additions in the menu e.g. organic products, low sodium diet, and so on
  • Increased visibility: Cataloguing enables a restaurant to have a better recall with regard to not only the restaurant name, but also the speciality foods, which invites more customer loyalty
  • Convenient, no-cash payment mode: Customers can now pay online while placing the order, or, even at the restaurant. This provides them with ease and convenience
  • Interactive suggestions: Delight customers by suggesting accompaniments. For example, if a customer wants to know what goes well with Masala Dosa, the application will recommend the same

For any sort of consultation, solution, service and Restaurant emenu system related queries, you can contact one of our executives or drop your inquiry at info@nlindia.com.

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