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SharePoint Development Company | Custom SharePoint Development

SharePoint Development Company

Looking for a reliable SharePoint Development Company?

Neologix is the No. 1 SharePoint development company in India providing end-to-end custom SharePoint development solutions world-wide.

Our SharePoint Development Services

Professional SharePoint website development is ideal for companies who are already invested in Microsoft technology. Companies use SharePoint platform to build business websites or employee portal that acts as a collaborative workspace for teams across locations, helps manage content and automate complex business processes. Neologix is a leader in SharePoint development services offering a range of custom SharePoint solutions, whether it be a collaboration-driving intranet, efficient file sharing or a cutting-edge website. SharePoint helps facilitate better online collaboration, intranetworking & project management for your organization with enterprise level SharePoint services.

SharePoint Application Development
Document & Records Management
Correspondence Management System
SharePoint Web Parts
Enterprise Portals and Business Intelligence
Workflow & Collaboration Solutions
SharePoint Health Check
SharePoint Support

Professional SharePoint Development Company

Neologix provides effective SharePoint development services to our clients based in USA, UK, UAE, Canada, and other countries based on the platform’s best capabilities and more than a decade of expertise. Our customers benefit from custom SharePoint solutions and SharePoint web parts development that improve functionality, facilitate collaboration, better content management, faster document search and simplified business intelligence. Our SharePoint development team consists of SharePoint developers with expertise in implementing SharePoint solutions for numerous organizations worldwide.

Are you looking for a custom SharePoint solution, planning for SharePoint migration or upgrade, or simply require SharePoint consulting and support?

SharePoint Development Company

SharePoint Intranet Portal

Most companies with a large number of employees have their intranet built on SharePoint. SharePoint intranet development is ideal for enhanced information flow & communication between employees & teams and increased productivity. Why not create a social environment for your organization with SharePoint intranet?

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Document Management System

Document Management System

A lack of proper document management can often lead to disastrous consequences. SharePoint supports the document management needs of your organization by making it easy to store, organize, and locate documents with collaborative document processing and controlled access to information.

Internet or Extranet Websites

Internet or Extranet Websites

SharePoint lets you create highly capable, feature rich communication portals, enterprise intranets, team sites and public facing websites. The high functionality, usability and ability to manage large amounts of data makes SharePoint websites a powerful and preferred choice for large enterprises and government websites.

Content Management System

Content Management System

SharePoint is a highly capable platform for Enterprise Content Management making it easy for content authors to create, publish and manage data considerably lowering the management cost for your website. With SharePoint CMS, it is easier for you to organize and manage content on intranet, extranet or internet websites in a timely manner with familiar tools of the Microsoft Office system.

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Correspondence Management System

Correspondence Management System

Is your company's correspondence management system versatile enough to handle the huge amount of correspondences of your company? SharePoint lets you manage correspondences electronically rather than with papers, fax, mail or other traditional methods. Receive, record/log, appropriately process and respond to and create an audit trail of correspondence received.

Project Management

Project Management Software

Having an an easy way to collaborate & communicate is critical for any project-based team. With SharePoint, it is possible to drastically improve productivity by making it easy to assign tasks and priorities to individuals or groups and monitor availability. Complex reporting capabilities, document management, project status reports, workload, task time, cost tracking are all essential to ensure your project is right on schedule.

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Our SharePoint Development Services cover various implementation phases to include building SharePoint intranet portals, workflow development and SharePoint document management systems, etc. We specialize in custom SharePoint development and in making exceptional SharePoint intranet solutions that have innovative & unique functionalities, brilliant experiences that helps to boost employee engagement, improves processes and also drives collaboration.

  • Microsoft SharePoint Consulting and Design
  • Expert team of Dedicated SharePoint Developers
  • Full portal project Support and Maintenance
  • Unmatched quality of Service & Real-Time Delivery
  • Affordable services with 100% Transparency throughout project
  • Strict adherence to Standards and Regulations

SharePoint Development Company India

Neologix is one of the best SharePoint development companies in India that brings experienced and committed SharePoint consulting & SharePoint development services for small to large sized companies worldwide. Our team of experienced SharePoint consultants lets you develop unique platforms that are thoroughly tested before launching your organization’s internal system.

Hire SharePoint Developers India

When it comes to SharePoint app development, Neologix is a professional Microsoft SharePoint development company with experience of serving several mid-sized to large organizations for over a decade. The valuable set of skills and real experience make our team an expert in core SharePoint website development. Be it developing integrated platforms or updating internal data management servers, we are a SharePoint development company India that always strives to bring perfect results for your business requirements. We can assist you in developing and maintaining modern workflow systems that will make assessing performances convenient and improve collaboration among users. With an updated set of SharePoint intranet and extranet portals, you will never have to struggle with loss of data and improve productivity.

Whether your focus is better collaboration or internal communications, increased productivity or better customer service, our SharePoint development services India will help you and your organization make the business impact that you are aiming for. Our SharePoint designer & developer team consists of experienced SharePoint consultants, SharePoint designers, quality assurance, business consultants and customer service all working with a unified goal to deliver unique digital solutions to our clients. When it comes to SharePoint development services, in-depth consulting and support, you can be assured of top class professional services that will exceed your expectations.

We will help you benefit from the latest SharePoint functions, optimize your infrastructure and provide you and and your organization with modern, convenient and powerful solutions.

Take advantage of our cutting edge SharePoint development and consulting services today

Our Featured SharePoint Projects

  • SharePoint Development Company

    DA-Desk handles port cost management services from port call creation to voyage closing and ensures accuracy and efficiency, cost control, scale benefits, and regulatory compliance for some of the world’s leading shipping organizations.
    Neologix offered specific customization to this Office 365 SharePoint website to assist project management and task monitoring, integration of Kanban app and Google Analytics and autoupload of Excel files from FTP to SharePoint.

    SharePoint Development Company
  • SharePoint Development Company Khalifa University

    Khalifa university of Science, Technology and Research, Abu-Dhabi require a one-year support for their existing SharePoint portal made in SharePoint 2013. SharePoint support includes:

    • 1. Portal Maintenance & Support
    • 2. Support on technical Issues
    • 3. Future versions/ patch upgrades necessary for OS
    • 4. Proactive Analysis needed to be conducted and provide Reports
    SharePoint Development Company
  • SharePoint Development CompanySharjah Center For Documentation & Research

    A prestigious initiative of the Sharjah Government to ensure preservation and archiving of the rich cultural history of UAE and Sharjah in specific.
    The SCDR website acts as a portal to share latest news, activities in SCDR, services, publications, downloads and details about related government websites. Developed by leveraging the power of SharePoint technology with admin features to manage documents, content, publications, templates, departments and media efficiently and effortlessly.

    SharePoint Development Company

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